High Velocity Bar


Marriott’s first High Velocity Bar sports bar venue that is open 24 hours a day with media on every wall as it is a true sports bar where one can get scores and updates of all sports around the world. 

The design is comprised of Texas vernacular with rough hewn woods, weathered leathers, and stained concrete that matches the hues that are seen on the countryside.



Forest Perkins, Mark Hopper, Lead Designer

The Space is also divided onto separate seating for the various groups including theater seating for individuals.

The entry of the sports bar which provides a buffer separation from the main lobby.

On the opposite side of the lobby is the main restaurant venue that is also adjacent to the main lobby. 

This is the view to the entry of the restaurant.

The entry of the restaurant is lined with private dining spaces for tequila tastings with a complimentary bar

The main dining space comprised of forged metals, Texas stones, and stained woods.